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TERMS AND CONDITIONS  Current Version 2016.4

All efforts are made to ensure that Aussie Dirtbike Tours rides are run as stated, however we are unable to control all variables and as such can not 100% guarantee that all tours will be as stated. We will endeavour to make sure your adventure remains as advertised and that you have an awesome time.

Note: From hereafter including these Terms & Conditions, Aussie Dirtbike Tours will be referred to as 'The Company' and will include employees, official representatives, contractors, agents and directors as determined by The Company at time of question.


All bookings made are not fully confirmed until 100% of booking fee has been received by The Company with a confirmation sent to the purchaser confirming as such. Dates of tours can be changed at anytime as determined by The Company if deemed necessary for any reason.

Included Accommodation

Please note that all accommodation facilities are provided by private owners and operators and are in no way affiliated with The Company. As such it is a requirement that all tour participants respect these properties accordingly and adhere to all conditions of use as stated by the management of the property. As such, The Company reserves all rights to cancel a participant's place on the tour without notice, for any wilful damage or disrespectful behaviour to the properties or their management. All monies will be retained by The Company in recompense to the property owners and tour guides.

Bike/Rider Requirements

All motorbikes used within a tour must have minimum of current Recreation Registration in Roadworthy condition with any further requirements to be communicated to the rider prior to the tour. This may be due to special requirements being needed on a tour. All riders are required to have a current motorbike licence (Learners Permit allowed provided that conditions set by governing body are abided by), and insurance/ambulance cover as described in the ‘Insurance’ section of The Company Terms and Conditions. For International licence holders, you must provide and have your passport and motorbike licence from your country. Licence must either be in English or have an accompanying (NAATI or similar) legal translation in English. If required, you may enquire with The Company to have a legal translation completed of your International Licence. These additional fees will be fully payable by you.

Hire Bike Conditions/Fees

The Company is able to provide, at fee determined by The Company, a hire bike to an attendee if prior booking has been made before the tour. If a hire bike is available during a tour (eg. not currently booked) and an attendee’s own bike is unable to be ridden for any reason, the attendee is able to use a hire bike at a fee advised to them at such time which may be different to the fee advertised. The Company will advertise a fee for a hire bike at their discretion. The attendee who rides the hire bike must have all requirements as stated within The Company Terms and Conditions including any other items as advertised. A bond is required to be paid prior to the tour unless other arrangements have been made in writing by The Company. Bond will be held for a period of no longer than 21 days from date Tour finished. Deductions will be made for any repairs to a hire bike. The hirer is liable for ALL damage. General wear/tear, as determined by The Company, to a hire bike is not deemed to be a bond claimable incident. Bond will be payable by the hirer via methods approved by The Company in the Terms and Conditions. Any damage will have a quote made out via The Company approved dealer with the amount being communicated to the hirer and deducted by the bond. If repair costs are more than the bond, the hirer will be liable for these costs, including replacement if the hire bike is written off. In any case where Insurance excess is more than the bond, the hirer will be liable for these costs. Loss to The Company of rental with hire bike caused by extensive damage rendering it unavailable for others to hire, will also be charged to the hirer who damaged the bike, per day until the hire bike can be repaired. Please refer to the ‘Payments’ section of The Company Terms and Conditions for items not included in any payments. If any fines/penalties are received by The Company in reference to period of time for which a rider had a hire bike, there will be a $50 administration fee payable to The Company by the rider in addition to the fine/penalties. Drivers/Motorbike Licences of the rider will be recorded in writing and copied at time of hiring a bike from The Company.


Various fees are required to confirm a place on your selected tour. Below is a list of cut-off time-frames to secure your place.
 - 20% of Full Tour price (non-refundable) - required at time of booking
 - Balance of Tour price due 4 weeks (28 days) before tour date
* Payments will need to be made by either PAYPAL or Electronic Funds Transfer (details listed on Booking Forms)

Not included in any payments: Speeding Fines, Parking Fines or any other fine/penalty issued by law enforcement or relevant authorities. Fuel that is not already included within guided tours. Mechanical repairs or servicing fees, towing charges of any kind if unable to be reached by The Company support vehicle. Medical fees of any kind including medical transport fees which are not apart of your Ambulance Cover. The Company is not responsible for any exchange rate fluctuations or other fees that banks or other organisations may charge relating to an attendee.


Cancellations made for any reason will incur fees as stated below.
- over 4 weeks (29+ days) before tour date - Full Refund
- up to 4 weeks (22-28 days) before tour date - 75% Refund
- up to 3 weeks (15-21 days) before tour date - 50% Refund
- up to 2 weeks (0-14 days) before tour date - No Refund
(all above refund amounts exclude initial non-refundable 20%)

In the event of a cancellation by The Company all efforts will be made to reschedule the tour and this will be communicated within a timely matter to all attendees via their primary contact details. If the attendee is unable to attend the rescheduled date they will be presented with options to allow them to attend another Tour within 12 months from original Tour date. The Company will in no way be liable for any monetary value that the attendee may have lost due to any cancellations or rescheduling (eg. Wage loss/travel expenses/insurances etc). The attendee will be liable for all extra costs, if any, due to cancellations or rescheduling (includes Tour fee difference if any).

Days of Declared Total Fire Ban

In the event of a Total Fire Ban being declared on the date and in the region of the booked tour, the tour will be cancelled immediately and arrangements will be made with the booked participants to reschedule the tour to another date/s.


The Company recommends that all riders have insurance up to date that includes for use on unmade/dirt tracks/off-road, for their vehicles (as these may be parked in campsites or similar and may be left unattended for periods of time), motorbikes and personal insurance. The Company will in no way be held responsible, liable or accountable for any damage/loss/theft of personal items, vehicles or personal injury/illness/death however caused. Riders are recommended to have Ambulance cover as all costs will be at the riders expense if one is used. It is advisable that riders take out appropriate Travel Insurance, which may include but not limited to Accidents/Cancellations/Lost or Theft of personal items. Recreation Registration includes the TAC component which will cover the rider for personal injury as per the TAC conditions.

Safety/Protective Clothing

The Company requires that all riders wear full safety gear including helmet (Australian Standard Approved), dirt bike boots, gloves, elbow guards and knee guards (with shin) however it is strongly recommended that riders have a drinking water reservoir (eg. CamelBak or similar) and body armour also when riding. Some Safety/Protective Clothing may be available to attendees, for hire, from The Company if prior notice is given. The Company has the right to refuse any attendee from riding if they are deemed to not have appropriate Safety/Protective Clothing. Our tour guides will be fitted with an emergency beacon, UHF radios and mobile phones (these devices vary depending on the ride).

Mechanical Breakdowns

In the event of a mechanical breakdown our tour guides will endeavour to assist in fixing your motorbike, however if it cannot be fixed all efforts will be made to enable you to reach the next available access point. Our support vehicle can then tow you back to camp.


All photos/video taken by The Company will remain the copyrighted property of The Company. Riders and their support crew (whomever is with them eg. friend or family etc whether they are riders or not) may take photos/video during the tour. We ask that you share these with The Company if they are posted on social media in any shape or form. If you find some photos/video that is posted by The Company, you are free to request a copy (at your cost) or permission to use these at any time but must not use them without prior approval from The Company. Media Release Forms are completed by all riders and support crews before each tour.

***Note: in the event of a serious incident whether resulting in injury or not, The Company will not under any circumstance permit for these photos or video to be made publicly available and will ask for them to be deleted either by the electronic device owner or by The Company at the earliest convenient time.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available to purchase directly from The Company and redeemable only for items/activities provided by The Company. At times The Company will issue discounts or special offers on our vouchers. If the gift voucher you purchased, or are the recipient of, was related to one of these offers then you will be made aware of any extra conditions at such time. If the original gift voucher can not be provided at time of booking The Company may charge a fee of $5 (AUD) for administration in searching for details of the gift voucher. All Gift Vouchers are restricted by the following unless otherwise stated: 1. Vouchers are only valid for 12 months from date of purchase. 2. Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. 3. Vouchers will only be redeemable for other The Company products where displayed as such. 4. Gift Vouchers can only be used by the recipient/purchaser whose details were listed at time of purchase, however Vouchers can be transferred to another person with written consent from original recipient/purchaser. 5. Vouchers that are transferred will only remain valid until the original expiry date and will not be extended. 6. Vouchers purchased are the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the recipient meets all of the Terms and Conditions. Any failure to do so will result in the forfeit of all monies paid, no refund. 7. Vouchers purchased may be withdrawn under extenuating circumstances by The Company, without notice and if deemed reasonable. This will result in the forfeit of all monies paid, no refund.

Indemnity Release

By booking a guided tour with The Company you completely agree that you understand, will adhere to and agree to the indemnity release which you have signed and that is listed below between yourself and The Company. You are agreeing that your participation will be entirely at your own risk and that you, your support crew (including anyone that has arrived at any location along the tour route), any executors and administrators will release, indemnify and not instigate any claim, demand or expense against The Company for any injury, loss of life, disability or damage to property suffered during or subsequent to events on a tour. You agree and understand that any road or track which you may travel upon can be made of any type of surface and may hide or cover hidden obstacles of any kind. You will always obey and observe all rules and directions given by The Company or relevant enforcement authorities, whether given in writing or verbally. Failure to abide by these and The Company reserves all rights to exclude you or the support crew (as mentioned previously), from any tour, whether current or future, for non-adherence to rules and directions. You are agreeing to take part in a tour by The Company and that with this agreement all due care and safety will be adhered to regarding other riders and people including their property. This agreement with The Company is proof that you know that motorcycle riding can be a dangerous and sometimes unpredictable activity due to many factors uncontrollable by The Company. Due to the nature of tours and locations in which they occur, The Company can not guarantee that there will be adequate, if any, facilities for treatment or transport if participants are injured or motorbikes are damaged for whatever reason. You acknowledge and agree, as indicated by signing the appropriate forms, to all Terms and Conditions listed by The Company. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice, the responsibility remains with you to ensure you have read the most current Terms and Conditions listed on our website. You agree that all activities will be conducted at your own risk.


All information listed was correct at time of writing and may change at any time without notice.

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